About us

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Access for Humanity is a national, humanitarian, non-profit making, non-sectarian and developmental non-governmental organization, registered by the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation commission (RRC). Access for Humanity was founded by a group of a concerned
South Sudanese professional from across the country with the aim of reaching out to all individuals and communities in need of humanitarian response across the country.

Our vision
To see well-informed communities that are free from health-related issues, free from food insecurity, where there is social justice and gender equity, where women are empowered and women’s and children’s rights are protected, where everyone live in peace and coherence with one another in a sustainable environment, and where humanitarian crises are prevented and/or challenged.

Our mission
The mission of Access for Humanity is to actively provide access to and deliver humanitarian services to vulnerable people and communities in times of crises as well as developmental humanitarian services.

Our core values
The core purpose of Access for Humanity is to ensure individuals and communities to access relevant and sustainable solutions to their unique and prevailing needs, while ensuring:

Equity: Access for Humanity believes in the residual values of equity and nurtures an environment where fairness, impartiality and justice are a main staple in the relationship between and among individuals of all backgrounds;

Dignity of the human person: Access for Humanity treats dignity of the human person as sacred and unbreakable and as an essential right. It shall lead social actions to eliminate dehumanizing poverty, intolerable living and working conditions, and unjust social, political, economic and cultural structures;

Community ownership: Access for Humanity believes in active community participation where a community plans, decides and implements their operations and also enjoys the benefits arising. Access for Humanity therefore, empower individuals, families and communities to acquire knowledge and skills, which will enable them to make decisions and act on them;

Good governance: Access for Humanity promotes good stewardship, integrity of innovation, transparency, responsiveness, consensus-oriented leadership, equity and inclusiveness, accountability, financial security, efficiency and participation;

Pro-poor service delivery: all the interventions of Access for Humanity are tailored towards more accessibility, effectiveness, acceptability, affordability, and availability to all individuals, families and communities in needs;

Women’s empowerment: Access for Humanity empowers women to fully participate in economic activities across all sectors, enjoy their right to govern and benefit from resources, revenue, possessions and their own time, while able to manage risk and improve their economic well being and status. This is expected to develop stronger economies, improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities, and attain internationally decided goals for development and sustainability;

Child protection: Access for Humanity works to ensure children are protected from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect;

Innovation and research: Access for Humanity works to promote modern innovation in order to ensure better solutions that meet novel requirements. Access for Humanity also works to establish evidence and reach new conclusions leading to better decisions and policies that will improve the human life through scientific/operational research.