Our Work

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Access for humanity works in 32 counties across the former Greater Upper Nile, Jonglei and Unity states of South Sudan (see below illustration).

What we do
Access for humanity provides the following services:
Community-based surveillance of Polio in 32 counties in the Greater Upper Nile Region of South Sudan. In-country management of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding for Polio Eradication in South Sudan through supporting four implementing partners in South Sudan.

Administrative services to McKing Consulting Corporation consultants (contracted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) in South Sudan.

Operational support/Routine Immunization services:
– Cold Chain installation and repair.
– Strengthening Routine Immunization data Management.
– Routine Immunization (RI) training activities in 32 in the Greater Upper Nile Region of South Sudan.
– Routine Immunization support supervision and on-the-job training.

How we work
Access for Humanity works through:
– Field Project Coordinators, who are assigned as in-charge of specific number of counties in the Greater Upper Nile region. The Field Project Coordinators are supported by in-Juba based project personnel including Project Manager, Finance Manager, Finance Officers, M&E Manager, admin and logistics personnel.

Four implementing partners who have full-time project staff in all the counties across the Greater Upper Nile region.

Public Health Consultants who visits 32 counties in the Greater Upper Nile region for support supervision, routine immunization training, county health department management training.

Cold Chair Repair Technicians, who visits counties in need of cold chain repairs in the

Greater Upper Nile region to repair their cold chain and also to train county health department cold chain personnel on local maintenance of the cold chain equipment.

Field Logistic/Admin Assistants who organize and coordinate all administrative and logistics needs in the counties.

Who we work with:

  • Ministry of Health, Republic of South Sudan
  • The World Health Organization
  • Children Aid South Sudan (CASS), our implementing partner
  • Christian Mission for Development (CMD), our implementing partner
  • Support for Peace and Education Development Program (SPEDP), our implementing partner
  • Universal Network for Knowledge and Empowerment Agency (UNKEA), our implementing partner
  • State ministries of health and county health departments
  • Various other humanitarian stakeholders.

Our funders/donors and sponsors:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (funder)

Center for Advancing Public Health (CAPH), United States (sponsor)

McKing Consulting Corporation, United States (sponsor).