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Our Mission!

The mission of Access for Humanity is to actively provide access to and deliver humanitarian services to vulnerable people and communities in times of crises as well as developmental services.

Our Vision!

To see well-informed communities that are free from health-related issues, free from food insecurity, where there is social justice and gender equity, where women are empowered and women’s and children’s rights are protected, where everyone live in peace and coherence with one another in a sustainable environment, and where humanitarian crises are prevented and/or challenged.

Our Humble Background!

Access for Humanity (AFH) is a national, humanitarian, non-profit making, non-sectarian and developmental non-governmental organization, registered by the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation commission (RRC). AFH was founded by a group of a concerned South Sudanese professionals from across the country with the aim of reaching out to all individuals and communities in need of humanitarian and developmental response across the country.

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[heading subtitle="" size="2" heading_class="content_heading" heading_style="style-1"]Health and Nutrition[/heading]
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To improve the health and nutritional status of individuals, families and communities through provision of emergency and essential health and nutritional services based on practically, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technologies, made universally accessible, affordable and sustainable.

[heading subtitle="" size="2" heading_class="content_heading" heading_style="style-1"]Education[/heading]
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To improve the literacy rate of the most disadvantaged communities through provision of quality primary education.

[heading subtitle="" size="2" heading_class="content_heading" heading_style="style-1"]Water, Hygiene and Sanitation[/heading]
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To reduce the proportion of individuals who are
unable to access or afford safe and clean drinking water and those who do not have access to  adequate hygiene and sanitation facilities.

[heading subtitle="" size="2" heading_class="content_heading" heading_style="style-1"]Peace and Reconciliation[/heading]
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To promote peace building, reconciliation and advocate for justice between and among individuals, families and communities.

[heading subtitle="" size="2" heading_class="content_heading" heading_style="style-1"]Women's Empowerment[/heading]
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To ensure women are empowered in order to develop stronger economies, improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities, and attain internationally decided goals for development and sustainability.

To ensure children are protected from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Emergency preparedness and response

To provide emergency services to individuals, families and communities in times of humanitarian crises.

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Strengthening collaboration and coordination among health partners in the Greater Upper Nile Region and Western Bahr El Ghazal 

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