Access for Humanity (AFH) provides the following services:

A. Routine Immunization

Strengthening/Operational support; Supporting the MOH in 33 Counties in the Greater Upper Nile Region:

  • Routine Immunization (RI) training of health facility vaccinators.
  • Routine Immunization training for County Health Department EPI Managers (Management Training).
  • Routine Immunization support supervision and on-the-job training.
  • Strengthening Routine Immunization data management.
  • Cold Chain maintenance, installation and repair.
  • Mobile immunization activities in the Nile River Islands for unreached populations (Bor, Twic East, Duk, Ayod and Fangak).
  • Social mobilization for Routine Immunization.

B. Community-based surveillance for Polio in 23 counties in the Greater Upper Nile Region of South Sudan.

In-country management of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding for Polio Eradication in South Sudan through management of three implementing partners in South Sudan.

C. Community-based surveillance and Routine Immunization

Activities amongst Nomadic Population in Raja County; working with the nomadic population in Raja County of Western Bahr El Ghazal state.

D. Outreach Immunization Activities:

In Torit County of Eastern Equatoria State; targeting health facilities which are not funded and does not have functional cold chain system.

E. WASH Activities:

Provision of integrated WASH activities with COVID-19 awareness, training of Hygiene Promotors at Boma and Payam levels, distribution of WASH related items to households, schools and health facilities in Torit County of Eastern Equatoria State.

F. Non-Food Items (NFIs) Activities:

Provision of non-food items to orphanage children, IDPs and returnees in Juba and Kajo-Keji Counties of Central Equatoria State.

G. Polio Stool Sample Adequacy and Shipment:

Polio stool sample adequacy, and effective and timely shipment from point of sample collection in the field/villages up to the national public health laboratories in Juba for 12 counties in the Greater Upper Nile region.

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H. COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign:

AFH provide vaccination campaign for COVID-19 vaccines in Pigi/Canal County.

I. Administrative services to McKing Consulting Corporation Consultants (contracted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) in South Sudan;

provision of logistical and administrative support to the consultants in-country.

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