World Health Organization

AFH works with WHO regarding the polio surveillance and COVID-19 vaccination campaign.


Regarding EPI cold chain equipment installation, repair and maintenance, COVID-19 vaccination campaign and WASH activities in schools, health facilities and community.


regarding polio stool sample adequacy, and effective and timely shipment from point of sample collection in the field/villages up to the national public health laboratories in Juba.

Children Aid South Sudan (CASS) and Universal Network for Knowledge and Empowerment Agency (UNKEA)

are national NGOs that are implementing partners for AFH in 23 counties in the GUN regions for the community-based surveillance activities of polio.

Ministry of Education and Instruction

Regarding hygiene and sanitation in schools in Torit County of Eastern Equatoria State.

Ministry of Housing Land and Public Utilities

AFH works with the Ministry of Housing regarding the provision of integrated WASH activities with COVID-19 awareness, training of Hygiene Promotors at Boma and Payam levels, distribution of WASH related items to households, schools and health facilities in Torit County of Eastern Equatoria State.

Other Partners

Access for Humanity (AFH) works with various other humanitarian stakeholders & Community volunteers

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